Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Haha, stupid vegans and their jerk diet.

A vegan couple was recently sentenced to life in prison because their son died of malnourishment. At 6 weeks old, the baby only weighed 3.5 pounds because they insisted on feeding it only soy milk and apple juice. Good job idiots. Way to murder someone as a direct result of your stupid dieting habits. They claim that they didn't know anything was wrong with their kind until the last moments before it died. How could you not know anything was wrong you morons? You're vegans, that should say enough about how wrong you are and how wrong your bastard decisions are about not eating animal products. I think the steady flow of soy has a direct correlation with a drop in I.Q. Whoever thought of/invented the vegan diet should be hanged by piano wire and get cock slapped across the forehead. Has anyone else ever noticed that vegans preach to the rest of the normal people about how they're going to hell for having a glass of fucking milk? Well now the tables have turned bitches, way to kill your own child by adhering to your stupid fucking diet. I wish the parents would have died and I could have raised the kid so when it got to the point of development in life where it could think concretely he could go his parents' grave and dig them up and smack up the corpses with his shovel for them being so fucking stupid.
Here's the article in case anyone is interested in reading it:​d/18574603/?GT1=9951


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