Monday, April 30, 2007

Mexican Hookers value their lives at about $50,000.

It’s buried in this article about the value of human life. Apparently some economist figured that price based on how much a Mexican hooker charges for sex without a condom.

This means that the John’s (juan’s?) prefer unprotected sex with Mexican prostitutes. I’ve got three guesses as to why:

1. All the Tequila has caused a loss of higher brain function.
2. Religion. The place is full of Catholics and the church has said that birth control is a sin. Thus no condom when having sex with a hooker.
3. They just love the way the herpes sores feel without any of that nasty latex in the way.

Anyone got a better guess?

I will say that I’ve known a couple of economists personally. I even had a roommate that got a degree in economics. I think it’s not just possible but likely that this whole ‘study’ was based more on explaining to judge / wife what they hell they were doing trying to negotiate sex with a Mexican prostitute.

“You’ve got to believe me, it was a study! For science and expanding human knowledge.”



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