Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Your "Duh" article of the Day

Obese individuals have increased morbidity and use of health services.

Archives of Internal Medicine - April 23rd Issue

Here's the gist of the article: If you're a huge fatass, you cost your company/employer more money due to increased health services and missed days. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Here are their conclusions:
"Maintaining healthy weight not only is important to workers but should also be a high priority for their employers given the strong effect of BMI on workers' injuries. Complementing general interventions to make all workplaces safer, work-based programs targeting healthy eating and physical activity should be developed and evaluated."

I can just see the whiny bitches now... "They're infringing on my God given right to be a fat slob!"

I can't wait for the lawsuits.

***side note*** given the "duh" factor of many of the published scientific articles these days, I think the Spoonhouse gang should submit some ridiculously obvious paper to a journal. The first thing that comes to mind is- Alcohol consumption leads to slurred speech and reduced coordination


Blogger Garble said...

It's not rosie's fault she's fat. Most of her lesbian 'friends' are chunkers and she picks up a lot of calories when she eats out at the Y

25/4/07 03:12  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

She's gross and has a weird looking head. Even though Trump's and equal dumbass, I hope he wins the verbal battle against Rosie.

25/4/07 05:30  

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