Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Upset Attendant - Sociological Experiment # 1

My friend Josh and I decided to conduct various extracurricular sociological experiments on people, and then document the results. We'll be recording all of our findings, and so I decided to share them with the Spoonhouse members.
Experiment # 1: trying somone's patience.

We pulled into a BP gas station on North Leroy in Fenton to fill up my tank. But rather than fill up, I only pumped in one penny's worth of gas. We strolled up to the counter inside to pay for the penny, and have some friendly banter with the attendant. It turns out that Arab people aren't so friendly.
Here's how it went down:

Attendant: What is wrong? Gas pump broken?

Me: No, I have a compact car. It only holds one penny of gas at any given time.

Josh: We only have a 50 dollar bill too. Can you break that for a penny?

Attendant: What is this place look like to you? Store of jokes? If you not pump gas then I request you leave.

Josh: No this is not the store of jokes, it's the store of friends. Friends help each other out by...

Attendant: No friends! We are no friends. Exiting, exiting my store now, the both of you.

Me: Would you sooner die than be bested by a turtle?

Josh: Or a wily steamboat captain?

Attendant: Shit! I'm not in mood for your prankery!

Josh and Me: *tandem laughing* Prankery!?!?

Attendant: This not a God damn Houdini playhouse! Get the fuck out!

Me: I know it's not the Houdini playhouse. I'm pretty sure this is the store of friends.

At this point the attendant is so enraged that he actually came out from around his counter and started throwing random gas station trinkets and brickabrack at us. We bolted for my car and took off out of the parking lot. He was absolutely teeming with animosity towards us, which was further cemented by his obscene gestures and goose-stomping around in front of the station door. Well, that's it for experiment # 1. Now we're going to try to set up another experiment at Wal-Mart this weekend. Hopefuly that one is as much fun as this one was.


Blogger Garble said...

Ha you almost got your ass kicked by a clerk!

1/5/07 08:14  

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