Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Not a fan of the Duster

I watched part of an episode of the Dresden files on TV. It’s about Harry Dresden. He’s a wizard/ private investigator in Chicago. The TV show blew goats. Sure they were magical goats but it wasn’t enough. It was campy in a bad way and made me wish buffy the vampire slayer was still on TV. Hell charmed is better. I didn’t give the show much more thought until I went to the book store. Turns out the show was based on some novels by Jim Butcher. I gave the first one a try. I figured that even if the show was crap the book might not be. After all, someone had to like the source material well enough make it into a TV show.

The books are very good in the way that peeps are good. They’re chewy and fun to digest. Imagine cotton candy for the brain. They don’t seem to be based on any particular role playing game but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that the author has funny sided dice; probably a lot of 10 siders. That’s not a slam. Jim Butcher has a very strong world with a lot of nice detail. The cosmology and setting are consistent from book to book and the character’s abilities and limitations seem pretty much fixed. There’s growth and change but I’m yet to see the author resort to technobabble or dues ex machina to wrap up a lot line.
If you like to see a new world explored the books are great. The bad guys are logical and motivated by things I can understand; pride, lust and the accumulation of power. The main character’s have consistent limitations and explains things in a pretty entertaining way.
The only think I don’t like is the Duster. Harry Dresden has a long leather duster. I’ve got no problem with dusters per se. But a tough and bitter magic using PI that wears a long leather duster, carries a .44 for backup and doesn’t play by the rules is not exactly a new concept for me.

Anyway, I’ve bought the first 5 books so far and will probably own all the paperbacks soon. I figure that it’s easily worth 8$ for the entertainment. I’m more than happy to loan them out.

I’m going to come back and add links later and will probably update as I work through the series.

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Blogger Jim Brannick said...

I think they should make a comic about a high school kid from Holly who wears a duster, rides snowmobiles, hunts with a 6 foot shotgun named "Bethlehem", and has a penchant for ruining transmissions. Now THAT would be original.

oh, wait...

1/5/07 07:34  

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