Tuesday, February 10, 2009

China Day 7

--Sky was blue this morning. It was nice. I’m sure all the cars will gray it up nicely but it was still a nice change.
So much going on in china. I keep meeting expats that tell me about all the awesome places they’ve seen and stuff they’ve done. But I’m in a plant or an office all day so all I get to do is listen.
--This place is insane for growth. I think the kids would get a lot out of it when they’re a little older. There are awesome schools.
--It’s sunny this afternoon. That’s awesome. Don’t feel tired for the first time in days. I must be solar powered like superman and tomato plants.
--I’m tired of Chinese food. It’s only been a week. Just don’t like the spices. The Japanese they have at the hotel is still good though.
--The traditional ex-pat lunch is a coke and back of cookies from the vending machine. Saw the cafeteria today and I really see why.
--After lunch I walked into the men’s room. Every stall was in use. It smelled like a horrible combination of Chinese food and, well, poop. Any bathroom will stink if you’ve got all 5 stalls in use. But for some reason the extra smell made it worse. Same thing with bad breath. One of the local engineers was talking to me about an issue on her parts. Her breath was terrible. Bad breath never smells good but because this was…worse.


Blogger Simon Hawk said...

Its even worse because it was a woman with bad breath. Thats just nasty.

12/2/09 05:03  

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