Thursday, February 05, 2009

China Day 2.

-What I said about the food does not apply to the breakfast at the hotel. It’s awesome. Meat and fresh fruit. Good
-It’s warmer today, and so the office smells like bad Chinese restaurant next door to a high school gym locker.
-The people are nice. And I came up with a new rule. If I correct their English they have to teach me a word of Chinese. So I help them with the difference between college and colleague and they teach me please and thank you. They get embarrassed when the get words wrong.
-I’m used to the smell by this afternoon. It wasn’t that bad and now I don’t notice it.
Spent most of the late afternoon / early evening at a really dirty factory. Froze my feet off and coughed up a lung. All the fork trucks have gas engines. That plus the light machining they were doing made it pretty filthy.
-The factory doesn’t want me there. Given the choice between fucking up my parts and doing what they damn will please they’ll commence with the mangling. To get rid of me they were intentionally inefficient and slow. They hoped that I’d give up and go home. Didn’t work. I’m patient enough to wait and watch them fuck it all up. Than I told them what they did wrong what I wanted. I’m not telling them how to do their job today. I’m just telling them how to not damage the parts. So they’re going to try something else. I kept telling them they were the experts at what they do and how confident I was that if they knew what was required they’d do it with excellence. If it works that’s cool, if it doesn’t I’ll tell them that they’re clearly not experts and that they have to do things my way because there’s didn’t work. So I’m not done there.
-I was exhausted by time I got home. Lots to do.


Blogger Simon Hawk said...

You're from America dude, tell those fuckers what to do! They don't know shit, thats what I have to do all the time.

11/2/09 05:40  

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