Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I'm in China

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It's 5000 miles away from the spoonhouse and I can still fee the gay radiating from Simon and Cohort.

Day 1
-Shanghi is interesting. I’m jet lagged as all hell but Here’s what I’ve noticed so far.
The insanity of the traffic is exceeded only by the suicidal nature of the drivers. It makes LA look like a bunch of 60 year old small town grannies. “Right of way” is determined by a combination of who wants it more and whose car is bigger. Bus drivers seem to know that someone else pays for the damages. Also, they’re all driving one handed. The other hand is used to hold down the horn.
-Mandrin sounds funny. I was in a meeting today and almost busted up.
-I’m a freaking giant.
-The food here is bad. But not as bad as I’d been told.
-Jet lag is making me feel drunk and it costs nothing!


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