Monday, February 09, 2009

China Day 6

--Feeling better. Worked today.
--Went to a major supplier they’re about 2 hours away by car. So I got of the city and into a small town. Place only had 600,000 people and a new company came into it every day last year. This place is definitely growing..
--But it looks like crap. Seriously the city looked wat better because there's at least interesting things to see. Here there's just rubble. I’m not saying there aren’t pretty parts of china but I haven’t seen ‘em yet. Maybe when I go to Beijing next week.
--It was extra dirty today also. Pollution made the sky a dark gray. Looking at it (again) it really drove home why some people are so damn keen to kill the IC engine. Still, better than flint.
--Lunch was interesting. Like McDonalds for Chinese food. No idea what some of it was though. I’m actually pretty glad about that.
--Really missed the fam. today.


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