Friday, February 06, 2009

China Day 3

--My wife’s in hell. She and all the kids are sick plus ATT totally fucked up our cable so I’m trying to fix that. Got a senior tech coming out to the house tomorrow AM. She threatened to take a knife to my favorite extremity so I hope the tech knows what they’re doing.
---The expats all go out to lunch on Friday’s so we went to Johnny Moo’s. It’s like steak and shake but with a cow theme. It was cool. There staff was all Chinese but the customers were all western. There were a bunch of little kids running about like savages. Made me miss the kids.
--A local sat me down and explained where to shop and how much to pay. She said a DVD should cost about 50 cents for a new move, men’s dress shirts should cost between 5-15$ depending on quality, watches should cost between 10 and 30 depending on the quality. Purses about the same. I’ll have to check it out. You have to bargin. I haven’t done much of that so I may be bad at it. But I don’t really need much more crap so if I don’t get a good price I’m not going to buy.
---I wonder where all the older Chinese people went. I see a lot more people my age or younger than I do in the US. But maybe it’s because they’re all skinny they look younger.


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