Saturday, February 07, 2009

China Day 4

--It’s Saturday. BooYa. So we’ll see what this place is like when I don’t have to work.
Walked around shanghai with one of the other guys here on the trip. It was pretty cool, he’s a photo guy so he took a bunch of pictures.
---Went to a mall. It was about 7 floors. Wasn’t looking to buy anything so we weren’t there long. But it was different. The separate stores are all open to each other so that they look like they’re just separate departments in the same store, but they’re not. Also there are more salespeople in a 20 x 20 makup store than in your average Khols.
---We went to the top on Jinmao tower and looked over the city. There was a lot of pollution. Like I said, the place reminds me of LA. After that we tried to find a place to eat.
As we walked about I got a good close look at some of the more working class areas around the hotel. They really put some energy into making things nice when they build them. But they either don’t bother with longevity (i.e. quality) or they don’t do dick for upkeep. A lot of the buildings looked really really run down. This is odd because there are so many people doing lots of service sector job. Maybe every store at the mall doesn’t need 5 people waiting for a customer and one or two could work on painting / cleaning.
--Our requirements for lunch were simple: we didn’t want western food, and we needed a place with pictures we could point at. It worked out about 50/50. His pick was some sort of beef in a sweet sauce. I thought I was getting breaded chicken. Instead I got stewed chicken feet in a yellow curry sauce. Didn’t like it but I didn’t want to be a wimp so I gave it a try. It took me a few boney, fatty, chewy bites to realize what it was. After that I gave up. Both meals cost 71RMB, so that works out for 5$ a plate. Not too pricey even if it was gross as all hell.
--Went to the fake market and got a gift for the oldest kid. I had to bargain for it and I wasn’t in the mood. So I kept trying to leave and she kept lowering the price until I decided to buy it.


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