Monday, January 08, 2007

I’m dumber now.

Yester day I watched a couple of episodes of “Exposed on MTV” (don’t ask) the premise is simple: Two people compete for the affection of one other person. The twist is that everything they say is analyzed by ‘lie detection’ software. The disclaimer at the end of the show tells you that they’re using a voice stress analyzer ‘for entertainment purposes’ and that the results aren’t accurate. They show two contests per half our and I got to see 5 total. I noticed a few things.

-I would have much rather seen an hour long show on the ins and outs of a voice stress analyzer than watched this MTV dating show. (again, don’t ask)
-The girls didn’t seem to care if the guy was a liar or not. It was pretty obvious who they’d pick from the start. One guy lied about /everything/ and was picked anyway. There was more uncertainty about the guys choice.
-At one point both of the girls lied when they told the guy they liked him. He knew this. The girls still skanked out to try to win. They really seemed to hate each other.
-At another point the guy picked a girl who’d lied when she said he was her type over a girl that said she liked him. He explained that he picked her because she had big boobs and he thought she’d have sex with him.
-The guys always picked the girl they though would put out. These girls also had bigger (and fake breasts)
-Best lie was when one of the girls admitted that she had no idea how many partners she’d had. She than lied when she said she was sure it was less than 10.
-The people on these shows strike me as stupid and annoying.
It was pretty easy to tell when people were lying without the ‘lie detector.’

Do you think I might be over analyzing these things?


Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

Sounds like the typical moronic bore-fest that MTV would produce. I hope they go out of business. Lie detectors are stupid too. They don't work because they can be fooled so easily. That's reason # 34.6 to not have cable or satellite. Let the rabbit ears live on forever.

8/1/07 08:04  
Blogger Simon Hawk said...

MTV contestants couldn't muster enough combined I.Q. to tie their shoes without drooling all over themselves in the process.

Just one more reason why I'm glad I don't waste money on cable T.V.

I wish they allowed you to choose "X" number of the channels you wanted, then I might reconsider.

8/1/07 08:17  
Blogger Matt McMinn said...

I won't comment on the overanalysis (obviously you did that), but Amanda was watching it Friday night and came up with the exact same conclusions. I was "lucky" enough to see one episode (before I threw up my insides), and was not impressed. Lie detector stuff is so unreliable it's not even funny. But the show does make one thing clear: people don't care if you lie if you're good looking, or look like you're easy.

As an added bonus, since the TV was still on MTV saturday morning, I got to wake up to some show about 16 year old girls birthday parties. The spoiled bitches that are out there make me want to turn homicidal. Some choice quotes:

"When I take the stage, I'll show my [two identical] sisters that I'm really the special one"

From one sister to another: "It's ok that you used too much make up, you don't have to try that hard"

Girl: "Daddy, I want a horse at my birthday party". Dad: "OK"

Same girl: "I know we're rich, and I get anything I want, but it's ok, because I'm a nice person most of the time"

8/1/07 08:35  
Blogger Jack T Briggs said...

You're not over analyzing. For two reasons:

1: People are self-absorbed, selfish, unsincere, and stupid by nature.

2: MTV (and ALL reality TV) is stupid. Period. So it deserves any thing we can throw at it.

On a side note, what the fuck is wrong with TV nowdays? I TRIED watching some special about the birth of the Universe on the Science Channel and it was five minutes of program, ten minutes of commercials. The ten minutes of show I saw was interesting...but I got sick of it a turned it off. Thats the last time I give TV another chance. Even if it is educational.

8/1/07 08:55  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

Yeah, t.v. blows pole. That's why I've decided to invest my time and money in some good old fashioned, action packed Arnold movies. Nothing beats Schwarzenegger ripping phone booths out of the ground, seats out of cars, or just causing general mayhem and destruction wherever he goes. You don't get classic beat down like that anymore.

8/1/07 09:20  

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