Friday, December 29, 2006


I've been told that I should like House becasue the main character is a very smart ass with no social skills and few friends. I've got to admit that it looks good on paper so I'm giving it a chance.

Problem 1: He guesses a lot. He's correct. But that's because the writters want him to be. He's lucky, not smart.
Problem 2: He's wrong a lot. Okay, not wrong wrong. But I've seen two shows now where he has no idea what's going on. Than he'll realize what the problem is and rip on everyone that didn't get there first. In other words, if he figures it out 2 seconds before you than you're a moron.


Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

House sucks. I've never seen it before but I assume it blows. The name is stupid, there are already a thousand hospital shows on t.v., and the main character "House" (stupid) looks like an idiot. Boooorrrinnnggg.

29/12/06 22:19  
Blogger Simon Hawk said...

I like watching House, his comments to the other people are funny as hell.

Interns walk in with info on a patient "We have anal bleeding"

Houses response "All of you?"

stupid stuff like that cracks me up.

30/12/06 06:00  
Blogger Garble said...

I'll admit that much of the dialog is clever. That part I like.

30/12/06 08:32  

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