Sunday, September 17, 2006

Maybach Exelero

Who needs a rice rocket? If this thing goes into production Puffy and Jay-Z will need to buy a new ride. Regardless, it's still badass as they get.


Blogger Simon Hawk said...

Thats crazy. Speaking of vehicles, how is your truck project coming along Ndammitt?

18/9/06 07:10  
Blogger Garble said...

Cool car. Post pictures of your truck. Attention spans should be measure in part of a oooh shiny

18/9/06 08:55  
Blogger NDammitt said...

Not too much going on with the truck, I'm replacing all the window rubber to stop the rattles, and in the process found that I also need to replace the window lift channels. They are rusted all to shit. I hate working on the internals of car door, by the time that I'm done it looks as if I've tried to pick up a spinning weedwacker from the wrong end. I've diagnosed my speedo error as having the wrong grear ratio in the differential for the speedometer gear that is in the transmission, dunno yet how I want to fix that one. I need to replace pretty much everything on the truck that is made out of rubber, as I'm finding it all to be the OEM installed stuff and no longer rubber, it's more like very brittle and weak black plastic. Need new bed hold down blots, they rattle and aren't doing that good of a job securing the bed to the frame, but I'm eventuall getting new paint so there's no rush on those. Bought headers from the evilbay and have the gaskets to install them but figre that I'll wait until I redo the topend of the engine, the valve seals are tired and I consume some oil when the engine is cold.

18/9/06 14:10  

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