Friday, September 15, 2006

And finally I drank 66 oz of microbrew at damons

Yesterday sucked. I had to deal with an idiot that outranks me. He's presenting something at 7:45 this morning. A 30 minute conference call was scheduled to review what he was going to say with everyone working on the issue. This is when we realized that he didn't understand ANYTHING we'd been saying for the past two weeks. It took 2 hours, and there was a follow up for 2:00. That one took 2 and half hours and we gave up. Than he paged me, 911, to talk for another half hour. Than he emailed out his presentation. It looked like the first one, except worse because he had "Take out" "Delete" and "Not relevant" writing on some of the slides. That's okay, he's got 19 slides for a 5 minute presentation. He's hoping that if it looks like he's got a lot of work no one will ask any hard questions.

Now I have to go watch him report out (from a remote site) and pray that he does go down inflames and drag me with him.

Also yesterday I had 3 engineers from one of our suppliers in to fix a bad design. One of them is a project manager type, and pretty much useless. One is really smart and I like working with him and one guy I don't know. I SHOULD have been working with them. After all, I'm the one that made them drop everything and drive over here from Detroit to fix their stuff. So after the conference call i went to the supplier and we got a bunch of stuff done and now at least I know they've got a plan that might work. Than I went to damons with a friend of mine that works at their plant. That's where the beer comes in. Best part of my day.


Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

Haha, there was a bad design.

15/9/06 05:17  
Blogger Simon Hawk said...

Why does it always seem that the person who knows the least is always "the front man"? That guy should be transferred to the janitorial staff. Either that or recommend that he go work for the Japs, because of his "complete understanding" of automotive production.

15/9/06 05:31  
Blogger Simon Hawk said...

BTW, I love the new quote on the banner!

15/9/06 05:32  
Blogger Garble said...

The meeting is over. He survived. I think he got ahold of the guy that runs the meeting and filled him in ahead of schedule. Good idea for him. Although, several people at my location made the comment that it looked like he was trying to take credit for everyobody elses work to make it look like he'd done something. Whatever, It's over. Now I can go try and fix our supplier's design. That will actually be fun, it involves parts data and working with people that are smart. (just not smart enough to get it right the first time.)

15/9/06 05:58  

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