Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Running Man

I just finished reading The Running Man by Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman). Now we all know that Hollywood takes certain "liberties" when it comes to adapting screenplays from novels but this was absolutely ridiculous. In both the movie and the novel, the main character is Ben Richards and he competes in a futuristic gameshow called The Running Man. That's about where the similarities end. I guess I don't even know why they bothered to call the movie by the same name as the novel, all they needed to do was change the title and main character's name and I'm sure they could've avoided any copyright infringement.
Don't get me wrong, I loved the film (one of my favorite Arnie flicks), but it really shows how out-of-touch Hollywood is. We've all complained about there being little to no original films these days, but in the case of The Running Man, they've managed to butcher a damn good story. As Egon said, "Script is dead", but in my opinion films are worse. Just one more reason to get off your ass and go kill fish and game and eat them.

Side Notes:
1. The Running Man film was made in 1987, well before the modern Reality TV drivel. But seeing how competitive shows like "Survivor" and "Fear Factor" have progressed, seems like we're only a few years away from a Running Man-type gameshow. Fact is, I'd watch it. As long as the contestants knew full well what they were doing, and they weren't coerced, I'd dig a twisted show like that. Would you?

2. The Running Man had possibly the worst/dumbest villain EVER: Dynamo. A lard-ass who sings opera while firing bolts of electricity and driving a neon dune buggy. The only reason I mention him is because I am compiling a list of the dumbest villains to ever hit the silver screen... stay tuned.

3. The film had a top five Arnold quote: "All I've seen is a bunch of low foreheads who want to change the world with dreams and talk. Unless you're willing to act, gimme a break and shut up." How apropos.


Blogger Garble said...

Hippies hippies everywhere...they say they want to save the world but all they do is smoke weed and smell bad.

14/9/06 04:20  

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