Thursday, September 14, 2006

Men on TV

As usual check out kyle's blog first. He's taken a conversation we had last night to it's logical conclusion and fleshed it out well. (When you wonder why he writes so much keep in mind that he can type at conversational speeds and is witting it almost as fast as you're reading it. He's a scary fucker sometimes.)

Using his 8000 word essay as a definition who are the grown men on TV? Who are just there to make fun of them? Some of these guys are funny and extreme, but it's entertainment TV so them's the breaks. I'm only looking for current shows. So nothing from the oldies. (e.g. Ward Cleaver)

Here's my list of Grown Men
Hank Hill, Bernie Mack, Damon Wayans (I don't remember the name of the show.) Okay I'm tapped out. But I don't watch a lot of TV.

Parodies of Men
King of Queens, Life according to Jim, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin,

Anybody else? My knowledge of TV is pretty weak.

Once we have enough for a full bracket we'll hold cage matches until a winner is found. Than we'll put them up on a pedestal, gather around and shoot the fucker. That'll teach 'em not to lead by example.


Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

I haven't sat down and watched a tv show in years (with the exception of the Simpsons) so I can't offer any input on the subject.

14/9/06 07:20  

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