Saturday, January 05, 2008

2008 Spoonhouse predictions

1. Another spoonhouse spawn will happen because birth control is hard and we still drink.
2. Cohort will move out of his parents house. (Again)
3. Cohort will move back into his parents house. (Again)
4. NDammit will refinish one side of one coke machine and than discover he wants to do pottery. He won't make any pots but he will get a bunch of tools to do so.
5. Lunchbox will make more money than all of us put together but loose it investing in a Laotian collectible cards game.
6. Jim will get a promotion and finally get a real (soul crushing) job. He'll realize how good he's got it when he get's emails from his current co-workers showing what they caught at work.
7. Jack Briggs and Simon will drunk too much and have sex (Again). We'll all act like we don't know. (Again)
8 My diarhea will eventually go away as I get over this fucking flu. Seriously I don't know why I eat. It's easier to just throw the food in the toilet and hit myself in the stomach. At least than my ass wouldn't be sore from the fucking TP.
8. The only comment to this post will correct a spelling/usage error.
9. Jizzoel will find a new woman with a soft voice and adams apple. We'll all pretend we don't notice. (Again)



Blogger Jim Brannick said...

For #7: Simon and Jack will drink too much...

8/1/08 11:46  

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