Saturday, January 05, 2008

The frist week of 2008 sucked

1. I blew out my back.
2. I got the flu. Thanks to the flu (don't ask or I'll explain it) I now Hate shrimp. I used to really love shrimp.
3. Both my kids got sick. One's better. And at my folks thank gawd.
4. One of my 'sort of bosses' (he gives orders I follow if I want, or not) called me Friday afternoon to tell me that I made the wrong decision about something 4 months ago (he's wrong it's a good thing to save 26.5 million$) But my boss's boss's boss's boss wants to have a meeting with everyone who made the decision (me) and everyone between me and him (my boss, his boss, his boss's boss) to 'make sure this doesn't happen again.'
5. My wife is exhausted from the kids and my being a gimp and in a bad mood.
6. Because of all of the above I'm annoyed with her. (also, why the hell does lunch take 5 hours and include shopping and why didn't she just say that up front?)
7. I'm tired sick and in a bad mood and I have to homework for my last grad class so you could actually replace 'my wife' with the rest of the planet in no. 6. What can I say. I've got a lot of love to give.

Good News
1. This is my last grad class.



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