Saturday, November 24, 2007

Should have called it SpiderGay 3

Ok so I'm at least half cocked, but spiderman 3 was still a pile of crap. Here's some tips I picked up if I ever decide to make a movie.
  • If my action movie is 130 minutes long, 60 minutes up front is too long to talk about love.
  • Try not to introduce the best main adversary with 20 minutes left in the movie.
  • If I'm going to copy Batman and have a butler give sage advice to someone, double check that I'm making a movie about Batman.
In all seriousness, the writing sucked, and it took way to long to do anything cool.  The end fight with everyone was pretty neat, but even that was still only about 70% neat.  Please tell me that they aren't making a fourth movie.


Blogger Jim Brannick said...

I haven't seen it yet. My only reason is my movie watching is limited these days, so I have to be VERY selective on what I watch. Hence, movies (like Spidey the Third) that don't look really good don't get watched.

Also, I've been more into TV shows on DVD. They are shorter episodes and better plot lines that have a chance to develop. My favorite lately has been the "Dexter" series from Showtime. If you've never seen it, you should check it out- it's fantastic. Netflix has the first season available. I can't wait for the second season to come out.

26/11/07 07:37  
Blogger Garble said...

I watched spidey 3. The first half was so dull I watched the 2nd in fast forward. I'd stop if it looked liked they were saying anything relevant. After that turned out to never be true i just stopped for the fight scenes. I didn't feel any suspense as to the outcome so that sucked also.

this was still better than batman 3.

27/11/07 03:26  

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