Monday, November 26, 2007

John Rambo- I.e. Rambo IV

I just love it when action stars hit a mid-life crisis! Last year we were treated to Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky Balboa", a rather gritty look at the dysfunctional life of an aging and washed up boxer. The fight scenes were more "realistic" (realistic for a Hollywood movie, that is) than the first four Rocky installments, and were in a lot of ways more enjoyable.
Not to be content with the retirement of his action career, Stallone has taken up the director's chair again, but this time to resurrect his bow-wielding alter ego, John Rambo. Prototypical plot features a "retired" Rambo who just so happens to be living in a jungle close to a Burmese war zone. Aside from shooting fish with his bow from the front of his river boat, Rambo seems to have learned the fine art of blacksmithing. If you can suffer through the first minute of this trailer, you will be well rewarded with the most gruesome trailer I have ever seen. BTW, it is rated-R and NOT WORK SAFE. Personally, I think that Stallone's tactic of releasing this graphic trailer for the internet is an excellent move. He knows the movie will be ripped to shreds by critics before it ever gets to the editing room, so he's trying to drum up some internet buzz ahead of time. It seems like it's working. I will probably netflix this movie next year.


Blogger Garble said...

that looks pretty good actually. might see it on video.

speaking of shows on DVD, have you seen rome yet? Really good.

27/11/07 03:33  

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