Friday, March 30, 2007

Barticulate build up.

I went to the bar last night and now my jacket smells like an asshole. It's so bad that Simon can't even come over to my workstation because the barticles (bar particles for the slow) are so pungent that it burns the nostrils. We put my jacket outside to cure, hopefully baking off some barticles from the power of the sun. Also I'm sure the wafting gases from my jacket put a few more holes in the ozone. Take that Mother Nature.


Blogger Neilium said...

No public smoking in CO, so when I went home to MI over winter break I was extra aware of the barticle factor. It smelled so bad in bars, and I reeked so bad the next day because of it that it was worse than having a hangover. I could feel in permeate from my skin. Nauseating.

2/4/07 13:15  
Blogger Jim Brannick said...

The only thing that soaks up more barticles than a leather jacket is a wool jacket. I remember having to strip down to my "clubbing" shirt when it was 20 below just so my coat wouldn't turn into a funk sponge at Grand Point.

Then, just when you think your sense of smell has adjusted to the club skank-factor, you jump in the shower the next morning and the water hits your hair...

I invite someone to accurately describe what it smells like when that happens.

2/4/07 14:01  
Blogger Simon Hawk said...

An open septic tank.

3/4/07 05:10  

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