Sunday, March 25, 2007

Never Winter Nights

Kyle created his first never winter nights module. It's intended for high powered characters. I liked it. I played though it twice.
Once as an Arcane Archer and the other time as a dwarven wall/weapon master (twin dwarven war axes hoo yaa)

It was good. I really liked the set up. the Dwarf had NO trouble with smaller encounters but had a harder time with some of the bosses. The elf had a little more trouble with the grunts (i.e. it took longer) but did a little better on the bosses.

The prismatic dragon is the biggest bitch i've ever seen. Bassed on what WASN'T working I figure it has an AC of 74, a attack bonus of 40 and most of it's attacks require a save of like 50 to survive. I spent most of the fight knocked on my ass. I had to respawn a bunch of times with either character and than there was the constant stream of either confusion, paralysis, blindness and death. The elf has better saves so he did a little better. The dwarf ended up blind and had the finish the game that way.

Also, i loved names of the places.

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Blogger Simon Hawk said...

I played it this weekend as well. I liked the overall layout of everything, and all the cool gear you could buy. Plus all the crazy monsters to fight.

25/3/07 09:37  
Blogger Garble said...

The monsters were pretty cool. Except that damn dragon.

25/3/07 17:38  

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