Monday, November 06, 2006

The Rotten Mobile.

Here's a compilation of pictures from the inside of my Cobalt. It has become a vessel of garbage in the past weeks, which coincides perfectly with the average college kid car. I have everything ranging from socket extensions to apples and fast food behind my front seats.

Here in this photo we see my backpack, a Gatorade bottle, Taco Bell cup, and a bottle of water. Underneath the passenger seat are two Mcdonald's bags.

This photo shows my spare pillow (which doubles perfectly as a window wiper when the funky film builds up and I can't seen when driving into the sun), Simon's Bart Simpson beach towel, some clothing, and random CDs. There also appears to be a lid to a tupperware container. Underneath the driver's seat is an Arby's bag which contains the remains of some curly fries and a half eaten roast beef sandwich. Yum.

Here's a similar picture to the one above. I don't even know what half that shit is down there. I should probably check it out sometime soon. Who knows if it will start to mold soon?

In the last picture is my girlfriend's fish tank, a bag of apples (to the right of the tank), and in front of the tank is another bag whose contents are unknown at this time.

So far this semester of school has been in session for seven weeks, starting today. This is how trashed my car gets every time a new semester starts. I only have three weeks to go until the semester is over and I can clean my rolling dumpster out. Hopefuly my backseat isn't stained from some weird leaking fluid or crusty food.


Blogger Simon Hawk said...

That looks like a "crusty-puff" in the last picture, either that or a soiled pair of womens panties. SICK MAN!

6/11/06 10:48  

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