Monday, October 30, 2006

Little Cohort: The Dream Master.

I've noticed lately that my dreams are frequently becoming more "out there". Saturday night I had a dream that I was fighting these weird, mutated monster things. The only one I significantly remember was this creature that was a cross between the Hulk and that homeless guy who sleeps on the bench in Back to the Future. His super power was shooting countertops out of his forehead. Needless to say it was getting annoying trying to evade giant slabs of marble, so I was glad when I woke up. Then, last night I had a dream that my cousins and I invented a game called Plinko. The name sounds familiar though, I think it's on The Price is Right? Anyway, for my version of Plinko, there was this huge mechanical contraption thingey attached to the side of a swimming pool. To play the game you had to jump in the pool, and the waves would cause two shafts on the machine to rotate. Attached to the two shafts was a rubber band in an "8" configuration. While the rubber band was revolving, the two strands would hit against each other making a twanging noise. The whole purpose of the game was to guess which letter in the alphabet the twanging noise would represent, and then try to form words out of it. Maybe I should lay off the chips and barbecue sauce before bed.


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