Monday, October 16, 2006

No tickets... sad...

This is no shit.

So there I was this morning trying to get tickets to see the Tigers play in the fall classic. Tickets were to go on sale at 10am on the Tigers website, it was 0959.45 and I was refreshing my browser continuously until ticket master would allow me to buy. At 1000.03 (that’s 10:00 and 03 sec) I was able to initiate a transaction and attempt to buy the tickets that I wanted (4 tickets anywhere other than standing room only) when Ticketmaster dumps me into this waiting pattern that lasts for like 20 minutes while they search the database for seats only to be told that there weren’t 4 seats in the same row anywhere in the park.

I’m convienced that it was a bunch of BS by ticketmaster, and that they sold all the seats to the tick resellers because at 1020 there were listings for World Series tickets on both ebay and stubhub.

Fuck Ticketmaster, I’ll just watch the games at the bar and drink cheep beer.

I'm not the only one


Blogger Garble said...

HAHA you go pnwed

17/10/06 06:57  

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