Saturday, October 07, 2006

Heroes Review

So I finally watched the first two episodes of heroes. On a scale of 1 to 5, It's currently a 3, and it's only that high because of the chick that blanks out.

Dialog: sucks. They definately need to hire some better writers.

Character development: barely there. There is the potential for great characters in this show: but it seems like the writers have forgotten to give them any personality. There's no back story on these people. Half of a good super hero story is the reasons why the super hero is what they are. Batman wouldn't have been nearly as good if it was just some rich guy in a cape. It's the extra bits - his childhood, how he's not always "good" - that make him an interesting super hero. Granted, it's only two shows in, this is still fixable. But it makes me think that they don't have their priorities straight, which leads to...

Pacing: waaaaaay too fast. Episode two and their busting their nut on nukes? Come on. They're trying way too hard to capture peoples attention. Again, this could be fixable after a few more shows.

Connectedness of characters: I was really LOST when all thesee characters started to run in to each other. They aren't LOST any more. It seems like the writers were copying another shows gimmick and got LOST in the execution, just making it seem kind of hokey. I mean, the bad guy is the cheerleaders dad? Come on. And speaking of...

The bad guy: This guy looks exactly like my uncle, so it's kind of hard to be menacing. I really hope there's more than meets the eye with this guy, but so far, he's pretty disappointing.

However, there are some good points. The Japanese guy is pretty cool, and the stripper chick is pretty cool. It's a great concept, I just wish that they had someone else writing/producing it. It seems to me like they just don't know what kind of show they want to make: it seems like they want the big, confusing plot lines of the other hit shows, but they aren't willing to slow down and tell the story: they want the immediate payoff of an action show. So after a few more episodes, we'll see if they'll find their pace or not. I'm not sure how to call this one in the long run, but it's not off the TiVo yet.


Blogger Garble said...

The pacing on this is going to be critical. I'm hoping that the nuke in ep2 is just foreshadowing and they'll take their time to bring it off.

8/10/06 07:48  

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