Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Does anyone here have a MySpace account?


Blogger Jack T Briggs said...

I do. Why?

2/8/06 10:35  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

Just wondering. I started an account recently, and I was looking to see if there was anyone I knew. My URL is

2/8/06 10:49  
Blogger Jack T Briggs said...

I'll add you.

2/8/06 10:51  
Blogger Garble said...

Did anyone notice that his page says Josh and Andy are in a relationship?
Josh and Andy's Details
Status: In a Relationship

I assume it means with each other.

2/8/06 17:45  
Blogger Jim Brannick said...

Cohort must not have seen that Dateline NBC special about MySpace sexual predators. Here's a piece of advice Cohort, don't assume anyone on myspace is who they say they are.

Quick question:
Jack- how come you list Fenton ALABAMA as your hometown on your profile?

3/8/06 05:04  
Blogger Jack T Briggs said...

I have no idea why it says Alabama. I don't look at it much anymore so I didn't even notice! Good call on the homo relationship with Cohort and Josh. That was the first thing I thought. They're gay for each other.

3/8/06 05:08  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

Stupid MySpace won't let you have a two-person page. I'll have to change it so inept morons like you won't think anything stupid.

3/8/06 05:12  
Blogger Jack T Briggs said...

You're the one who's got a page with another guy. Go play butt darts.

3/8/06 05:15  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

Well what are we supposed to do dipshit? We're trying to get a big friend base asshole, so we'll have people to buy our book. The only free way to get to know a whole ton of people is to use the internet. I'm so sorry your highnesses that when Josh made the page, he was thinking, "oh shit, I have a girlfriend, I better put 'in a relationship' so she doesn't think I'm out to get other chicks." God you guys are stupid.

3/8/06 05:35  
Blogger Garble said...

Wow are you ever sensitive.

Free advice (worth twice what it costs you!)

If you want to build a following for your book you'll need to put some content out there for people to see.

3/8/06 06:01  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

I'm just defending myself condom taster. We will put content up inbred, we just started that page not to long ago. Josh has two asshole jobs, so we hardly ever get to coordinate. We'll be putting shit up there in due time.

3/8/06 06:39  
Blogger Jack T Briggs said...

Coordinate. Is that what they call sweet man love these days?

3/8/06 06:46  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

I even tried to pick a word that sounded like it had as little to do with hanging out as possible, and you still manage to think about gay innuendo. Maybe you're the one who's gay, seeing as how you can't stop thinking about it, or bringing it up.

3/8/06 07:01  
Blogger Jack T Briggs said...

You're right. I'm gay. But that's the cool thing to do nowadays, remember?

3/8/06 07:50  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

Oh that's right, I always forget. Hollywood keeps re-setting the social norm so often, I can't keep up with the popular times.

3/8/06 08:08  
Blogger Jim Brannick said...

Have you found a publisher yet? I think they usually handle the marketing, etc. I'm just asking because there's not much point in gathering a huge readership if they've got nothing to read.

But Garb's does make a good point. Pick some cool segments and plop them onto a webpage (myspace, etc). Better yet, work in some popular search items, (i.e. "Scarlett Johannsen" or "Mel Gibson") that way the search engine spiders will find your page and people will go there and visit people are ignorant and slow.

3/8/06 10:09  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

Jim -

We're going to look for a publisher as soon as I finish up the last of the minor bullshit. Do you still want to check it over for me? Because I want to send it out soon, and I know your input will be valuable. We're going to try and start a website so we can have downloadable content of our material. We'll be posting the first two chapters of our book for everyone to download when we get a site. So that'll help gather a readerbase. I just think the hardest part will be finding a publisher, and one that we can sign with. If they want, we have badass trilogy we're going to pitch to them, so that'll be more incentive to sign us.

3/8/06 10:25  

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