Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Afghan offensive

I just saw this. Apparently, coalition forces are beginning a major offensive in Afghanistan to wipe out some Taliban strongholds.
Okay, so that's not typical spoonhouse fare, but what is funny is what they're naming the military offensive: "Operation Mountain Thrust".
Seems someone has a sense of humor, since it's no coincidence that it sounds just like "Mount And Thrust".


Blogger Garble said...

That's a good point. Although this is pretty typical of a lot of what I post. It's just no one reads it.

15/6/06 12:51  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

I have a solution to the Middle East. Nukes. Lots of nukes. That would make the greatest terrain for fourwheeling ever. After all the radiation is gone.

16/6/06 07:01  
Blogger Jack T Briggs said...

How well do quads run on blackened glass?

16/6/06 09:36  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

It would be the same thing as riding it on regular ice in the winter time. Stud the tires and hang on.

16/6/06 10:30  

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