Sunday, September 02, 2007

NWN badlands

So Simon, Jim and I have been playing on the badlands server. I've been very hit and miss lately with when I'm on. My grad classes have started back up (2 to go!) and that leaves even less time. But I've noticed a few things
1. The drow weapon master is a bastard. He has +98 to hit and you have to make a fort save when he crits you (dc 47) or die. I can't beat him.
2. Defensive stuff doesn't seem to keep pace with offensive.

kids crying, more to come.


Blogger NDammitt said...

Your kid wasn't crying.

3/9/07 05:18  
Blogger Matt McMinn said...

so I finally got all my shit running last night. I had updated my display drivers, and NWN being the fragile piece of shit it is shit all over itself, so I had to spend way too much time going back to the old drivers. Anyway, I finally got on, and it looks like the badlands server needs both expansion packs, and I only have one, so I'm SOL until I get that second module. But does anyone want to play any other modules, like we used to? That would be entertaining.

3/9/07 18:54  
Blogger Simon Hawk said...

Sorry, to much invested in badlands to start anything else. Once that gets boring maybe.

Quit being a tight-wad and buy the dumb expansion. I think you can download it, then you don't even have to leave your chair.

4/9/07 05:00  
Blogger Matt McMinn said...

Tightwad? Pot, meet kettle. I'll wait until you guys get bored with badlands, whether or not I get the expansion. I don't want to have to invest a bunch of time just to get up to where you guys are so I don't die all the time.

4/9/07 05:31  
Blogger Jim Brannick said...

Matt, I think you should get the expansion pack regardless. Hell, if Simon can play a paladin, I think you can download/buy HoU. If you want, I would be interested in starting a new character on the badlands. I've been thinking of playing either a druid or a monk. It's easy to level if you're partied w/ someone of similar level. Also, we've got high level PCs that can give us tons of money for upgrades- which are a must if you want to level quickly.

4/9/07 05:37  
Blogger Simon Hawk said...

You can hit level 12 in the matter of one sitting if you dont goof around. You start the server at level 3 so its not TO bad.

I've got a 12th level Paladin that can help you out for now, I'll hold off on using him if you and Jim make new guys, then we can party up. Let me know what you decide, I don't want to wait TO long, haha.

4/9/07 06:21  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

You can also hit lvl 12 if you don't play as a shitty sorcerer. I love how a guy (barbarian, fighter, whatnot) can run through the game killing everything with a sword and be just fine, but playing a sorcerer is next to impossible. Stupid fucking game. Hmmm, guy swinging sword, or guy that can control fire, ice, lightning, and shoot magic energy rays out of his fingers, make his skin harder than stone, protect against the elements, and summon dire creatures from the pits of hell, but still manages to get killed by a fucking sewer rat. I bet I could beat the game as a fighter eqipped with a two-handed toothpick, but as soon as I play as a divine spellcaster who can manipulate the elements I get raped by rats and things flying in the forest. What a stupid idea for a game.

4/9/07 10:29  

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