Sunday, August 19, 2007

Have a coke

Because I don't have enough projects or hobbies already, and I have tons of empty space in the garage I must be looking for something to do with all my spare time. So, I stop at a barn sale and buy two old coke machines from the fifties, for cheap.
I knew that they were potentially worth a bit of money as collectibles, and failing that they'll make two awesome cold smokers.

Turns out that they sell for more than my Hyundai when they're restored, and seeing that a coke machine is an over-glorified refrigerator, I should be able to make it go.

The taller machine (Cavalier C-51) is in the roughest shape externally, but it was made in the era of screw fasteners, instead of rivets so I can take it apart and hammer/dolly the dents out, skim-bondo the exterior and have it repainted professionally (I know someone who does custom paint on cars)


Blogger Simon Hawk said...

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20/8/07 11:01  
Blogger Simon Hawk said...

You're starting to remind me of me with your obvious "project a.d.d." problem. :-)

Good luck with those things.

20/8/07 11:02  

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