Monday, July 30, 2007

I can't wait until paris is on celebrity boxing!

how do you spell Schedenfreud? Her grandad seems pretty cool.

Who do you think she should have to box?


Blogger Garble said...

This has got me thinking. On the one hand I want to leave something for my kids. On the other hand I can't see any reason why paris et al. should get a huge windfall.

30/7/07 18:19  
Blogger Jim Brannick said...

I thought the saddest part of that article was the fact that her grandfather is just now cutting her off from her trust fund. As if all the porn videos and other embarrassments to the Hilton name didn't bother him.

31/7/07 05:33  
Blogger Garble said...

Well, he's old. And a hilton. I assume that he was busy being a stupid tramp.

31/7/07 18:19  

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