Thursday, March 01, 2007

Break out the Hoppe's 9!!!

I'm coming back to Michigan! Well, not permanently. I figure I'll wait until Granholm gets the economy and the state budget straightened out (ya, right!). But seriously, I pulled a turkey tag for the Oakland County area, which means that turkeys in the greater Holly area had best either migrate or develop Kevlar feathers. To quote Willis: "Those (turkeys) are in some deep shit this year man!!!"
Simon, did you get your tag for the Great White North?


Blogger Simon Hawk said...

Yes. My "crew" should all have tags, there are even leftovers for that area.

"Did you ever notice that turkeys are the only animal that you shoot in the FACE?" ~ some guy I forgot who it was that Jim knew.

1/3/07 08:27  
Blogger Jim Brannick said...

yeah, I remember that guy saying that! He also used this analogy to describe turkey hunting:
"...What if you went running into the bedroom with a hard-on, thinking you're going to get some snappy, then someone hiding in a pile of clothes in the corner shoots you in the face. That would suck."

2/3/07 06:35  
Blogger Simon Hawk said...

LOL, yeah, that would suck! haha

2/3/07 07:12  

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