Thursday, December 07, 2006

Getting a free 100,000$ wasn't fun enough for these tools

Idiots Welfare should be painful.

1. Buying a house is not inherently fun. (I've
2. The developer was just ripped off for about 100k. That money goes directly to you. Show some freaking gratitude.
3. The fact that someone forced to give to the poor wants to make sure that they’re actually helping the poor is admirable.
4. Again, you just got a $100,000 subsidy. You get an expensive condo in a cool part of town. (I’ve been there, it’s nice) with parking and storage. You can walk to the freaking stadium/downtown. Stop bitching. Say thank you, and than shut up. Do not bitch about proving you need the welfare, or about the size of your storage unit.
5. About that storage unit, you figure someone that paid full price should get the little crappy one? You selfish bastards, get better jobs.

(note: The developer may have been able to pass the lost profit along to other buyers. Depends on the demand for those units. From what I know about the housing market in Madison it's not impossible.)


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