Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Science + Martial Arts


The only thing that was stupid was the 'surprise' that boxers have the hardest punch. That's pretty much all they do. I'd be surprised if they weren't the best at it. Would also be good to test more than one person.


Blogger Jim Brannick said...

Based on the info in that article, Garble and Jack should develop a new blended martial art which utilizes boxing punches to the face ("...force of a sledgehammer"), mu thai knees to the chest ("...force of a 35mph car crash") and kung fu strike speed (40 feet per second).

17/8/06 09:27  
Blogger Simon Hawk said...

Here's my blend. I'll point this semi-auto shotgun full of #4 buckshot at your rib cage and fire repeatedly. Thats my kind of martial farts.

17/8/06 10:15  

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