Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina Victim.

A year after Katrina happened, I'm starting to see a lot of stories surfacing about local survivors and what they're doing to rebuild what they've lost. It would be wrong for me or anyone else to make fun of those people and what they've had to go though, but this story bugs this shit out of me. After reading it you'll probably think, why is this woman so special to make headlines? Her story seems like everyone elses. Except it's not, I can't stand this woman and her sob story for a couple of reasons. One, she has seven kids. Always complaining about money troubles (and if you notice she complained before the hurricane happened). Like I've always thought, if you're down on your luck and having financial troubles, I don't think having seven kids is going to help the situation. She complains about finding a nursery for them and blah blah blah how will I care for them? Blah blah blah shut your fat hole before I put my dick there. Second, she claims that she drinks six Mad Dogs per day. I found on the Internet that those are three dollars apiece, which would equate to around 500 dollars a month. I don't know about anyone else, but that's a fuck of a lot of money to blow on booze. Quit bitching about money and housing troubles you blown out whore, that's A LOT OF MONEY. And if she doesn't have a job like she's claimed so many times, then where does she get the money? Hmmm, can someone say FEMA check? You know what, give the check to someone who needs it, and you can rot in the streets and be used for a speed bump. Anyway, I hate her and her sob story, there are way more needy people that are trying to better themselves, rather than wasting what meager stuff they already have.


Blogger Jim Brannick said...

Let me temper this by agreeing with Cohort. There are LOTS of good, hard-working people who lost almost everything in Katrina and are working to rebuild homes and businesses. To them, I say sign them over a check from FEMA to get them back on their feet. Think if that happened to one of us (all the spoonhouse members are hard-working, er, at least we all pay taxes). Also, there were many heroics during and after Katrina. I saw one special on a hospital and the doctors and nurses who had to care for terminally ill patients under those conditions. Pretty incredible stuff.

But what I absolutely detest are the worthless human beings who were basically wards of the state before the hurricane and still are. And this isn't an issue of race. I discriminate against anyone without common sense or the motivation to help themselves: that includes anyone from the UAW worker on disability to the lowest crack whore. There'll all the same in my eyes- a detriment to the rest of a productive society.
Okay, so I can understand that if you can't get out of the storm's path because you don't have a car or can't afford gas, that's one thing. But don't go blaming the government when you start looting Foot Locker for the latest "rides", shoot at rescue helicopters, and rape and murder young girls in the Superdome. You can blame who you want for the debacle that was Katrina- local or state government, or even George Bush personally, but for crying out loud take some responsibility for your situation in life.
Don't even get me going on them rebuilding the levees...

29/8/06 14:06  
Blogger Garble said...

My solution would have been debit cards and title transfers.
Every child of woman born in the hardest hit areas gets 100k and a bus ticket to some place dry. (don't scoff, it would've been cheaper)

Property owners are given a choice.
Fight it out with you insurance company and best of luck.
Sell the land to uncle sam for it's tax appraised value. Plus the 100k.

Than we turn it back into swamp and erect a national monument to the laws of physics right in the center.

Funny story: Some schmuck on a radio call in show kept saying how important it was to keep new Orleans a black city. To preserve it's black character. Not for any racially motivated reasons. Perish the thought. No, it's important to keep New Orleans black from historical reason, since it's been a black city for many many years. I kept trying to call in. I really wanted to ask the host if they'd have been as easy going with someone that wanted to keep a city/college/country club/ mostly white for historical reasons.

This is Cohorts 2nd Politics post this month. Next Simon will discuss his feelings of tolerance for gays.

29/8/06 15:26  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

Oh man, if you wanted to keep anything white for historical reasons you'd be shot in the streets, called a racist, and looked down upon by everyone because of your "white power". Does anyone else notice that if you're white you can't say or do anything?

30/8/06 05:13  

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