Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Slowly But Surely.

I've just recently started working on my Eclipse, one part at a time. Eventually I want the car to defy its age. It's four years old but I want it to look like it's only a year old. So I started with minor modifications under the hood, like the cold air intake, PCV valve, and painting some of the parts. Right now I only had time to paint some of the brackets holding the throttle cable on, a litte heat shield, the battery mounting bracket, and the fuse box bracket. Also another cheap "mod" that's easy to do and looks good is put colored split tubing wherever you can.

Next on the to-do list:

Paint - Upper radiator brackets, hood prop, brake calipers, and do something about that bastard exhaust shield.

Replacement - Brake pads and rotors (slotted if I can afford them) upper and lower radiator hoses, and any visible nuts & bolts that are corroded/rusty.


Blogger Matt McMinn said...

Don't forget to add some stickers. That's a cheap way to add some horsepower.

10/7/07 11:11  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

I will when I can afford the good ones.

10/7/07 11:31  

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