Friday, January 26, 2007

Every once in a while something awesome happens

After checking the D&M daily updates page, I saw they had Campus Calendar chicks in the studio. Being the faithful listener that I am, I decide to browse the website, ranking girls using the Jizzoel scale as I go. When checking out the UofM girls, I was amazed to see a familiar face. This girl worked for me as an intern when I was in grad school! (Click here to see her on my old lab webpage.) I think it's awesome to see her do a bikini shoot. Most good-looking, smart chicks wouldn't consider doing something so "revealing", but I respect any girl smart enough to show a little skin for money.
I give her my Spoonhouse Seal of Approval.

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Blogger Garble said...

Sweet! I like the seal of approval. Also like the 'tweaks you've made to the blog. Thinking of a redesign?

26/1/07 20:40  

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