Friday, July 07, 2006

I've been pretty busy with shutdown the last week and blogging has been slim. But here's a nice story that really annoys me.

The thing that makes me most annoyed is that I could easily have been this guy. (except for the beard, I can't grow a beard.) But I did look at a house on that street in Berkley. I also have no trouble imagining circumstances where I would put profanity on a check. So, there but for the grace go I.

(good thing he's not cohort. I'd hate to see what the court would do when the check was accompanied by 4 page letter chocked full of profane insults and written with vomit based ink)


Blogger Jack T Briggs said...

That Judge should also be deported to Iraq. No fuck that, just shoot him in the head. I am so tired of these judges threatening to pass some excessive penalty or sentance because of personal beliefs or feelings. And don't tell me some personal feelings weren't reflected in the way he acted toward the guy who wrote the check. He was pissed off. Plain and simple. Pissed off because he wrote something profane in the memo. That should have absolutely NO bearing on what that assclown of a judge decides. He's a fucking disgrace to the judical system and should be prosocuted himself.

7/7/06 09:12  

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