Tuesday, May 30, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand (hopefully)

So did anyone else see this pile of steaming shit over the weekend? First off, Angel was in the movie for a total of five minutes. Not that he's my favorite character, but he's pretty much all they showed in the trailers. And what's up with Wolverine being a whiney bitch? After seeing this movie I'm convinced he's become the Luke Skywalker of the X-Men trilogy. Sure, he had some good fights...but at one point he fucking CRIED. Wolverine does not cry. He smokes cheap cigars and kills people. Period. My main disappointment, however, has got to be Iceman. They could have done so much with him. His fight with Pyro was reduced to them facing off for about thirty seconds with their GEB's, Iceman winning, then throwing a stupid quip. This has got to be the worst comic book rape since Burton fucked Batman in the ass.


Blogger Simon Hawk said...

I was commenting to the wife just this morning on how dissapointing Hollywood is, and that they aren't getting any more of my cash unless it be a cheap weekend rental at the video store. I was actually considering seeing X-Men: The Last Stand at the brand new theater in GB but from Jack's review I don't think I could stomach it.

"Fuck YOU Hollywood!"

30/5/06 08:23  
Blogger NDammitt said...

Oh, boo-hoo-hoo.
You fucking crybabies.
Just because something doesn't conform to what you think that it should be, doesn't make it shit.
I saw the movie and I liked it, but I kept in mind that it's a MOVIE and not a comic book. So what if the characters are not perfect to what you percieve as their paper origins, keep in mind that your ideas are based on one sentence dialog.

It was a good movie, not great, but good enought that I didn't want my $4.50 back.

30/5/06 13:42  
Blogger Garble said...

I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm planning to watch in a couple of weeks. Here's what I expect.

1. The director and actors will have an interpretation on the characters that differs from mine in some ways. This is to be expected for characters that have 30 years of history. They've had a lot of changes over the years.

2. This interpretation will not be totally alien or completely unrelated to the characters history in the printed comics.

3. In a story with this many main characters none of them will get enough screen time. Wolverine, prof. x. Magneto, mystique, rogue, ice man, cyclopes, arc light, jean gray, pyro, angel, beast, storm kitty pryde, juggernaut, colossus and calypso were all shown in the trailers. That's 18 characters. I think i can safely assume this will be a plot, not character, driven movie.

4. The movie will be cheesy and written for broad appeal with lots and lots of excellent special effects.

as for wolverine crying, well, he's done it in the comics a time or two. So it's not exactly new. Not having seen the movie I really can't say if it was stupid for him to have done it or not. But if I were a director and I wanted to show the audience that something was horribly sad, I'd probably use wolverine to do it. If he's upset, you know it's a big deal.

2/6/06 03:46  
Blogger Garble said...

I like how I start out saying I haven't seen it yet and then write a TON about it.

2/6/06 03:46  

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