Monday, May 22, 2006

Not as dull as it could be

Homophobes and other Members of the house click here.
The chutzpah of this crook is almost unbelievable. Since he comes from Louisiana he might get away with it.

I’m boring you all with a post on politics because

  1. It’s still better than Cohort & Simon's sports=homo stuff.
  2. This guy was video taped accepting $100,000 in 100$ bills. He kept the money in his freezer.

That’s how we know he wasn’t a real democrat. Real democrats keep their bribes in the crisper next to their organic tomatoes purchased at the local Co-Op for a price that supports a living wage.

Jerkoffs like this are why I root for limited government. The less power they have the less damage they can do. Next time I’m voting for a split ticket.

(Per Simon’s rule I’ve sent a copy of my complaint to my representative asking what he will do to see the reputation of the congress restored.)


Blogger Jim Brannick said...

I'm glad the Justice department stepped in to try and clean-up up a separate branch of government.

Best unsaid quote of the article:
"We've been a corrupt, money-hungry organization for over 219 years! So what if we take bribes and vote ourselves raises each year? That's no reason to raid our cash-laden and prostitute infested apartments!"

23/5/06 05:39  
Blogger Garble said...

Congress sucks. The reporter should have used your quote.

23/5/06 10:04  

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