Monday, May 15, 2006

What's going on today? Is everyone actually working?


Blogger Jim Brannick said...

This whole being a "grown-up" and "working" thing is definitely overrated. So if you're feeling like goofing off at work today, check out this free flash game: Ammo Ambush. my high score was 168 on the Mountain level. See if you can do better.

15/5/06 10:41  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

Haha, my score was 41. I guess my mouse-eye coordination isn't as refined as yours.

15/5/06 11:02  
Blogger Jim Brannick said...

41! That's pathetic, especially considering that you get 20 bonus points for using the "air strike" feature. Oh well, it wasn't a Nintendo game, so that probably explains your lackluster performance.

15/5/06 11:50  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

Plus my computer is slow and shitty, so the game play was choppy. Also, it wouldn't let me switch guns.

15/5/06 12:01  
Blogger Cohort Mandibles said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

15/5/06 12:02  
Blogger Jim Brannick said...

You need to get Dotal Tesign to invest in some faster machines. Perhaps you could file a formal grievance with the union over there:

"The computers here are too slow and shitty for me to properly play internet flash animations and video games."

15/5/06 12:16  

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