Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Junior College course

So I'm taking this Public Speaking course at the Junior college here in town. But the funny part isn't that I'm NOT the oldest person in the class, or that the class is mainly full of snot-dripping teenagers who were too dumb to go to a REAL college. Instead, the most hilarious aspect of the course is that it's being taught by what looks to be a cross between Santa Claus and Charles Manson. He has a giant gray beard and long gray pony tail, and he's only got one front tooth (honestly). To top it all off, he comes strolling in with an old flannel shirt and blue dickie pants. Oh, and sandals- WITH SOCKS! To make matters worse, he was sporting a MASSIVE collection of keys and a tape measure on his belt. Suffice to say, I thought a janitor had strolled in and I kept waiting for the punchline- "Haha, I'm not the REAL teacher, he'll be here in just a minute", but that never happened.
Anyway, I feel like Frank the Tank around these kids, and I'm sure the next 5 weeks will be hysterical. I will keep you all posted.

BTW, (since I'm sure Simon and Jack would ask) none of the chicks were hot, so sheath those meathooks.


Blogger Garble said...

This should be fun.

31/5/06 03:41  

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