Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How hard is it to find a place to hunt?

So to make a very long story very short; It’s getting harder to find good land to hunt in the Midwest. It’s interesting if you like hunting and fishing or if you’re interested in property rights as a political issue. In some parts of Texas people are paying up to $10,000 a gun for a lease to hunt good lands. I didn’t read the whole article very closely (it’s long), but they seem to be making the case that it’s bad to have to lease hunting rights because it reduces the number of hunters. I disagree. I think it’s great that I could buy some undeveloped land and than potentially lease it to hunters for limited, very low impact use. That way I could just sit on some land and have an income stream to pay the property taxes. Thoughts? Is it getting harder in Michigan to find good hunting lands or is there still enough public land that it’s not an issue? Around Madison it’s mostly farms so you have to know someone local.


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