Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lessons learned.

It's been a few years since I've posted here (or anyone really) and in those years you find yourself maturing and growing up, at least a little bit anyway. Everyone used to post their "boring" house stuff and I would post about puckered anuses and Hillary Duff's canyoney twat. But now I'm going to be joining you guys in the "boring" house stuff. I am a homeowner (well, home renter, fuck mortgages) and the first thing I learned is how to clean toilets. Yup, I got the scrub brush, Iron Out, rags, and made that thing sparkle. Hell, I even "shaved" it as Simon so eloquently puts it. It's like my toilet went out to a dog grooming place... but for toilets.

After bouncing around from apartment to apartment over the years it's nice to finally have a real house. I even made a life upgrade too, I'm no longer living with another guy, but my girlfriend now. No homo. So after all that rambling here are some pics of our house:

Did I mention it's on a lake? I told you Garble, I'd get out of Holly one of these days if it kills me. I'm now in White Lake. I guess that's it for now, peace.

Oh, and for old time's sake: I rule, you're all gay.


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