Monday, June 11, 2012

Destructive Fat as a super power

Inspired by Simon's last post...

Level 1 Destructive Fat: You break things you sit on, older building will crumble when you approach and you get a bonus to stealth because people will pretend not to see you.

Level 2 Destructive Fat: You are an immovable object. 2nd story building will crumble if you do Zumba

Level 3 Destructive Fat: You can’t really do Zumba, but if you try hard enough it will have a notable effect on whatever techtonic plate is weaping under your bulk.

Level 4 Destructive Fat: Your fat is so dangerous that it will cause ruin and mayhem even after your death.

Level 5 Destructive Fat: You have become the Platonic Ideal of “fat” and even thinking about cavernous folds destroys mortal minds.


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