Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Colonial Whelens Boom Stick

Two Handed Medium Weapon.
Base Damage: 1D10
Base Critical Threat: 18-20 x3
Base Damage Type: Piercing

Special Properties

Damage Bonus: Fire 1D6
Damage Bonus: Bludgeoning 2D10
Massive Critical: 3D10
+8 Attack Bonus on ranged attacks.
-5 Attack penalty on melee attacks.
5 Uses (unlimited)
-2 Strength.
-2 Dex.
-10 to Hide
-10 to Move silently
Causes wielder to be flat footed
Can attack from Knockdown
100% Chance of Devastating Critical on successful called-shot roll.
On Hit: Knock Down
Low light vision.


Blogger Garble said...

Nice, from this can I assume you got a deer

13/11/08 02:34  
Blogger Jim Brannick said...

I would alter the damage and specs IMO:

Damage 2d4
critical 19-20 x4
(smaller crit range, but more devastating)
on hit: stun 3 rounds, DC 35
bonus feat for bearer: fearless
on use: bearer becomes deaf for 3 rounds.
(in addition to all the goodies you tacked on)
My guess is, this thing would be worth about as much as the Dev shield, roughly 3.5 million gold.

23/11/08 08:50  

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