Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New House

So the wife and I finally closed on the new house. It’s nice. I’ll be taking pictures tonight so you can see the ‘before’ shots. We’ll take some finished shots when we get the work done.

Picking out paint is hard. The light lavender we picked for the older girls room is actually LAVENDER!!!!!! on the walls. So we’ll have to do something about that. I’m thinking either add white paint to tone it down or use decals/polka dots to take it all the way over the top. It could work. She’s two. She likes loud colors as much as I do.
The ‘Gold’ we picked isn’t going to work at all. We were sure that it would but we were wrong. So that’s 20$ down the drain. I might paint the garage that color, but I doubt it. It’s Ugly. Not “bag of potato chips for a head” ugly either. This is the real deal. No amount of beer will make you think this color looks good. Other than that there’s not much we need to do inside the house. The outside will take some time to get nice. But that’s stuff we can do when we’re moved in. I’m hopeful that will be next weekend. Once we’re in we’ll have a nice BBQ, and finally start to visit some people.



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