Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Very Short Superman Returns Review

It was good. More than worth the loss of sleep involved with seeing a 2 and a half out movie at 10:00 on a week night. Imax is cool. First thing I saw in 3d was a goat.

Superman joke here.


Blogger Jack T Briggs said...

Now hold on just one second...THAT'S it? I sat down with a bowl of popcorn and a beer expecting to read a 13 page dissertation on why Superman Returns rocked, and that's all I get? I thought I was gonna be here awhile!

28/6/06 20:06  
Blogger Garble said...

Nope, the longer review will happen when more people have seen the movie. I don't want to 'spoil' it for anyone. It's worth the 10$ by the way. (I went for free but would have gladly paid.)

29/6/06 06:06  
Blogger Jack T Briggs said...

You're not the first person to say that! I'm gonna see it Saturday morning. How was Spacey?

29/6/06 06:50  

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